SERP-connect: a web-tool for linking practical challenges with research results in software testing
SERP-connect is developed to support the use and evolution of the SERP-test taxonomy aiming at the interface between research and practice in software testing. Descriptions of practical challenges and research results are classified and organized according to four facets:
  1. Intervention - characteristics of possible solutions
  2. Effect - the effect targets, or measured effects of an intervention
  3. Scope - the scope of an effect or an effect target
  4. Context - factors in the context affecting the applicability of an intervention
With SERP-connect you may:
  • classify practical challenges in a researchable fashion (aligned with the state of the art of software testing)
  • classify research results from a pragmatic and relevant perspective
  • search for matching entries in the database
  • connect with researchers and/or practitioners dealing with similar challenges in software testing
  • explore the database of available software testing challenges and results
  • compare a collection of entries with respect to the four facets of SERP-test
  • submit own entries
  • submit and explore own collections of entries (related to e.g. a industry-academia collaboration project or a secondary study)
You can browse through existing research and challenges in the system and you can search for research related to your challenge.
SERP-connect is an open source project, which started as a collaboration between researchers from Lund University and Blekinge Institute of Technology in 2015. Contributions to the website are very welcome, you may signup for an account or contact us at . The project itself is split into a frontend and a backend. Improvements to the tool itself can be made there. See here for more information.
SERP-test and SERP Connect would not be possible without the support of the following: